In May of 2015, WSBF – World save bee fund has approved initiation that volunteers of different countries in 250 cities of the world would take part in global ceremony to build SAVE BEE wall.

     The mandatory component of the wall is honeycomb – symbol of power, hard-working and harmony.

     This ecology action is dedicated to SAVE BEE movement. WSBF plans various ceremonies every year which must help to solve existing problems regarding bees. Fund actions are international and consists every part of the world, but this ceremony of 2015 was special and most probably already has been place into the Guinness World Records.

The main aims of WSBF event:

v To gain a social attention to World Save Bee fund’s ecologic initiations.

v To gain a social attention to “Colony Collapse Disorder”.

v To spread information about importance of Bees in maintaining biologic multiplicity of our planet.

v To imply an idea of wellness and healthy life style into society by using honey and bee products.

     Starting from 2009, WSBF unites the world society trial to save these little but very important creature for Planet. Fund members are the famous persons, artists, scientists, simple citizens – everybody who care about the future of our planet. WSBF finances scientific researches, methods, every activity that can help saving bees. Nowadays maintaining bees as biologic creatures is the very important sphere of interest for scientists and beekeepers. The most significant fact to search and be careful of is the phenomena of massive death and disappearance of bees - “Colony Collapse Disorder”.

     Saving bees is not important just for scientists, but for all of us. The quantity of bees is decreased by 20% annually and this must be alarming for whole world. Bee is very important ring in an ecologic chain, it pollinates 80% of earth plants, among them are agricultural plants, fruits, berries and vegetables. One family of bees visits approximately 2 billion flowers daily. It’s no way possible for us to imitate this process artificially. Therefore, removing bees from ecologic system will lead humans to ecologic catastrophe.

     Georgia, with support of Tentorium, also joins WSBF initiation of 2015 to build the SAVE BEE wall in 250 cities of the world. 



  • ფუტკრის პროდუქცია
  • დრაჟეები
  • შემავსებელი ბალზამები
  • თაფლის კომპოზიციები
  • თაფლის კოლექცია
  • კრემ-მალამოები
  • კოსმეტიკა
  • საბავშვო სერია
  • პირის ღრუს მოვლა
  • თმის მოვლა
  • სხეულის მოვლა
  • მსოფლიო ხალხთა რეცეპტები