Pneumonia - complication of Respiratory Viral infections

Pneumonia - complication of Respiratory Viral infections

Pneumonia is potentially one of the most dangerous infectious diseases of lungs. Thus, modern medical approaches can successfully defeat it nowadays. Generally, Pneumonia can be caused by bacteria or virus.

Pneumonia can also be developed as a complication of prolonged infectious disease or flu. Such cases are frequent in kids and adults with weak immune system. This is the situation when bacterial infection follows the viral one and the condition becomes way too complicated.

Symptoms of bacterial Pneumonia are developed severely or maybe gradually. These symptoms are: fever, acute pain in cardiac area, heavy sweating, coughing with phlegm, tremulous pulse, cyanosis of lips and nails (bluishness).

Viral Pneumonia is characterized by the following symptoms: high temperature, dry coughing, myalgia and headaches, weakness, tiredness and strong breathlessness.

Symptoms of Mycoplasmatic Pneumonia are almost similar to viral and bacterial Pneumonias, but milder. To summarize the topic, classic manifestation of Pneumonia is: heavy coughing with phlegm, frequent breathing and high temperature. We can doubt about Pneumonia if the following symptoms are present:

  • Body temperature 38’C or more during 3 days.
  • Wet coughing (coughing with sputum).
  • Frequent breathing (40/min or more in kids).
  • Blue lips (cyanosis) and nails combined with pale skin, weakness and lack of appetite in kids indicates the severe case of Pneumonia.

The most effective way to fight against Pneumonia is prevention. As mentioned above, Pneumonia – inflammation of lungs can be developed as a complication of other infectious diseases and mostly in kids with low immune system. The best prevention is to strengthen immune system. Api Phyto Products are the perfect remedy for prevention and even treatment of respiratory tract diseases and mostly Pneumonia. It’s recommended to take bee products in complex with medications to fasten recovery process and avoid complications.

Bee products are very important and useful for prevention and treatment of lungs diseases. These natural products contain all necessary vitamins and balanced nutritional substances, their components have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and immune system modulating activities. Bee products remove or decrease intoxication of organism, stimulate metabolism, are good adaptogens and also they are compatible to most of curative medications and drugs.

The following products are recommended to strengthen immune system, prevent and treat viral infections and Pneumonia:

  • Balm “Product No. 3” – contains the strongest natural bactericidal substance – Propolis in high amounts. Balm has powerful anti-inflammatory, immune system modulating and anti-toxic activities. It increases activity of antibiotics and reduces their side effects. It’s allowed to take the balm in large doses as it doesn’t cause constipation. Additionally, it can also speed up epithelization of tissues, regeneration and reabsorption processes.
  • “Formula RA” – contains vitamins, microelements, ferments. Ferment Cerase is the most important compound, it’s has powerful activity against the lung pathologies, therefore it can successfully be used for prevention and treatment of Pneumonia. It accelerates alveolar regeneration process, improves pulmonary ventilation and enriches the blood with oxygen.
  • “O-DE-VIT” – is suggested for upper respiratory tract disorders. It facilitates breathing, softens and nourishes bronchus and alveoli. “O-DE-VIT” has anti-inflammatory activity and improves restoration processes in lungs and bronchus.
  • “Apitok” - is honey composition which contains royal jelly. It’s especially useful for kids in case of respiratory system diseases, acute or chronic (repeating) pulmonary inflammation.  “Apitok” improves general health, increases body resistance against infections, eradicates post-infection neutropenia, stimulates erythropoiesis, and regulates ventilation function (positive dynamics) of respiratory tract.

Intake of Api Phyto Products guarantees you complete protection from bacterial and viral infections., strong immune system and accelerated regeneration processes.