Protect yourself from summer infections

Protect yourself from summer infections
Take it with you wherever you go! The holiday season is started. Every one of us is getting ready to go out of city rush even for a week, thus, maybe surprises are awaiting for us even out of city. Therefore, we must be prepared for every season to spend our holidays perfectly and peacefully. For this we advise you to take several Tentorium products wherever you go, the ones which protects you from holiday complications. Food poisoning and enteral viruses. The most undesirable thing that can happen to us during holidays is food poisoning or enteral viruses. To prevent or treat these disorders we offer you the following Tentorium products: Balm “EI-PI-VI” – water solution of propolis has strong anti-toxic activity, It can protect us from enteral infection and also remove intoxication from organism. This product is used as for prevention so for treatment. Balm “API - HIT” is used as a strong anti-toxic and cleansing, detoxifying remedy. It helps to cleanse gastrointestinal tract, regulates its function and restores gut micro flora; doesn’t let toxin enter into the bloodstream and eradicates them from organism. Insect bites. Unfortunately, bloodsucking insects are very active during summer. Their bite irritates skin and also these insects are transferring much more severe diseases. We offer you an effective product to avoid insect bites or take care of damaged and irritated skin. To protect ourselves from bites or skin irritation we can use cream “RINO-FACTOR”. It contains propolis, eucalyptus, carnation and mint. Cream will effectively protect us and remove swelling, irritation or bite induced pain. Safe sunbathe. Summer is unimaginable without sunbathe, but it’s well known fact that ultra-violet eradiation isn’t good for health. UV rays trigger skin photo aging nonreversible process. Without skin UV protector creams our skin can get burns too, in such cases our savior will be Balm “Api Balm 1 and 2”, this is propolis in an animal or plant fat. Everyone knows that propolis is used to solve different kind of skin disorders. Propolis Balms will reduce burning pains and your skin will be looking healthy and beautiful even after heavy tanning. these Balms also have regenerative activity. Let’s skip skin external protection and talk about internal products which will be helpful in such situations. We recommend Dragee “API-SPIRA”. It’s a complex of vitamins and minerals and contains active substances which have regenerative and antioxidant activities. “API-SPIRA” protects our cells from free radicals (eradiation) and other harmful influences of sun exposure. It’s irreplaceable product for those who live in high radiation regions. Hair care in summer Hair care in summer has a vital importance. Hair becomes dry, fragile, dehydrated and faded under heavy sun exposure. Summer holidays, sea, sun and other activities can take away our bright health hairs if don’t take care of them. Hairs become faded, dry, damaged and uncolored because of UV rays and salty water of sea. Tentorium offers us natural and effective hair care products. Hair follicles strengthening shampoo is good for every kind of hairs, it contains natural honey, mineral water, propolis and wheat proteins. Shampoo effectively nourishes hair follicles and stops hair loss. It’s recommended to use Tentorium hair Balm together with shampoo. Hair balm contains apitoxin, it strengthens hair follicle microcirculation and nourishes them. Shampoo and Balm restore damaged structure of hairs, strengthen them and give hairs brightness. Natural honey nourishes and enriches hair and scalp with vitamins and microelements. Tentorium recommends taking bee magic products everywhere we go (mountain, sea, valley or resort) to spend our holidays peacefully and nicely, and the most important: our products are recommended for kids too.