Tentorium products are combinations of natural bee products and herbal extracts. It’s better to take them in complex with each other because treatment of many diseases requires scheduled intake of appropriate medications. Simultaneous intake of
Take it with you wherever you go! The holiday season is started. Every one of us is getting ready to go out of city rush even for a week, thus, maybe surprises are awaiting for us even out of city. Therefore, we must be prepared for every season to
3 day detox program is for those who needs to clean organism and loose 3 Kgs in 3 days. This program will help you to eradicate toxins and other harmful remains from your body. Detox from Tentorium
The Musculoskeletal system problems are well known for almost every person of middle age. According to WHO’s (World Health Organization) latest statistics, musculoskeletal problems take the second place into the list of the most prevalent disea
Excess kilograms, overweight, discomfort and bloating are well known problems for most of us, and we spend lot of time and effort to solve these problems. We start torturing ourselves with various kinds of diets, remove our favorite food and later we
According to leading scientists and doctors the main cause of chronic diseases is an imbalanced and irrational nutrition. Nutrition isn’t just to defeat hunger but to gain physical and mental health and stability. Unfortunately, we don&rsq
Actually we don’t often value the role of food we eat. We let ourselves have poor, harmful, non-healthy meal and after some time we’re surprised where all these health problems come to us from and why, why we gain weight and get mood swin
Vitamins and mineral substances have fundamental importance for human body. They are organic compounds with various properties and high biologic activities. Each vitamin or group of vitamins have its own functions and correspond to normal functioning
Influenza and colds are companions of rainy and cold autumn. Symptoms are almost the same: Cold and nasal secretions, sore throat, hoarse voice and coughing. To say the truth Influenza and cold isn’t disease, it’s just cooling body temper
Beautiful and tidy hair was always one of the main honors of woman. It’s much easier to get expensive cosmetics and trendy cloths than to get a healthy and beautiful hair. Healthy hair is the result of good attention and correct caring. Hair mo
Everybody knows that disease prevention is the best for health, but most of us get heath only after disease. Nowadays Cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of mortality, and incidences of cases are increasing year by year. If person has even sin
Beautiful and healthy teeth, pure breathing – are fundamental for our mood and self-confidence. There are lots of items on market to take care of oral cavity but it’s too difficult to find solution that will be as effective as we would wi
It’s well known that respiratory viruses are characterized with seasonality and viral infections are overactive at the beginning of spring. Our immune system is too weakened in spring as organism undergoes seasonal deficit of microelements
Time is flying fast in 21st century. People are so busy with daily life that they forget one of the most important things: get healthy food and eat it slowly without being in a hurry. Digestive system problems are common for those who are fond o