Tentorium Honey Collection – this is exclusive natural honey that is collected from natural reserves, ecologically pure environment. Botanic etiology of honey (from which plant it’s gathered) of honey defines its features: color, taste, s
Rapeseed honey is delivered from rapeseed yellow flowers nectar that is rich with essential oils. Rapeseed honey is dense white or dark yellow color substance. About taste, it’s pleasant bittersweet. The main property of this honey is to
Sunflower honey is special with its light and pleasant smell, nice taste and yellow, golden or amber coloring. Sunflower honey is crystalized very soon and looks like butter. Sunflower is blossomed during 30 days, at the end of July or beginning of A
Chestnut honey is a dark colored honey with unique bittersweet taste, poor aroma and too specific smell of chestnut flowers. The taste of this honey is variable, depending on location, weather and the type of chestnut. It’s crystalized slowly,
Small-petalled Linden honey is light colored and has pleasant smell and taste.It becomes monotonic dense substance after crystallization. Crystallized Linden honey is white or light cream color and has very nice taste.Linden honey has antimicrobial a
Buckwheat honey is made by bees from blossomed buckwheat flowers’ nectar. There is lot of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, iron, calcium, boron, zinc, cobalt, iodine, phosphorus, PP and B group (B1, B2,) vitamins in this honey. Honey changes it
Acacia honeyAcacia honey belongs to spring honeys and is so light colored that seems almost transparent. Robinia – (white acacia) is considered to be one of the best source for honey. Acacia honey has high amounts of fructose and therefore it&r
Floral honey is collected from various kinds of flowers. It’s special with unforgettable, wonderful and unique taste. Usually Bee family collects nectar from several plants simultaneously. Mono floral honey has special distinct tasteful fe