Honey compositions - the ancient form to use bee products. People were using honey compositions alone or a mix with medical herbs or other natural compounds from ancient times. Combination of honey and other bee products is absolutely natural thing t
Composition: natural honey, royal jelly, propolis extract. This composition unites royal jelly’s powerful antioxidant and metabolic properties with immune stimulating features of propolis extract. This compound provides lots of benefits t
Composition: natural honey, royal jelly. APITONUS is a modern effective remedy to solve health related problems, to improve body general condition and prolong our lives.  Description: • It is natural tonic and immune system stimulat
Composition: natural honey, royal jelly, bee pollen. APIPHYTOTONUS is the best compound to improve one’s health. Composition of natural honey, royal jelly and bee pollen improves blood composition, regulates arterial blood pressure,
Composition: natural honey, bee pollen. Composition “POLIANKA” is balanced complex of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and microelements – all that’s necessary for human body. It provides power and energy and ther
Composition: natural honey, propolis extract. It’s known from ancient times that honey-propolis composition is the best compound for immune system and protection of organism. Here we’ve got unite of honey anti-inflammatory and propo
Composition: natural honey, mumio Mumio is a composition of organic and non-organic substances. It’s black or brown compound that is formatted in rocks as membrane, bark or knar. Mumio contains 28 chemical elements, 30 micro and macro ele
Composition: natural honey, lecithin. Lecithin is one of the most important substances for human body. It’s precious building material for heart, brain and nervous system cells. Lecithin contains: irreplaceable phospholipids, choline and
Composition: natural honey, beebread. Beebread is a composition of proteins, contains complete complex of irreplaceable amino acids, proportional balanced carbohydrates (fructose, glucose), phytohormones, mineral substances. It’s also rich wit