Tentorium balms are based on traditional medicine. These unique curative and useful extracts contain natural products and have unusual aroma and an amazing taste. All balms of Tentorium contain propolis various extracts except ASIL.   Propolis
composition: propolis, shungite water. According to scientific research mineral shungite has unique activity and gives simple water curative property. Propolis water soluble main component – Artepillin C also has unique property which is inten
Composition: propolis, shungite water.Balm doesn’t contain alcohol therefore it’s the best immune system protector for kids, elderly people, pregnant women and sportsmen.Description:• It has Bactericidal and bacteriostatic activities
Composition: Sorbus aucuparia L, propolis extract, sorbit syrup.This product containing Sorbus aucuparia L and propolis extract enriches body with vitamins, improves general health and strengthens immune system.
Composition: propolis, phyto components (Birch leafs, Helichrysum flowers, Tormentil roots, St.John’s wort, horsetail, Dog-rose, basil and arctostaphylos uva ursi extracts).Balm removes excess fluid, salts and toxins from body, restores joint m
Composition: mumio, eleutherococcus extract Two main components of Balm are mumio and eleutherococcus. Mumio contains approximately 30 macro and microelements, amino acids, essential oils, tar-like substances. It increases metabolism and has overal
Composition: propolis, plant oil Lots of historical evidences prove that propolis was successfully used to treat skin disorders. In historical sources propolis is specially mentioned in cosmetic remedies. Propolis properties: immune modulating,
Composition: propolis, animal fats (bear grease, badger grease), natural honey.Our skin is protected from dehydration with the thinnest outer layer which needs unsaturated fatty acids for proper functioning. The natural source of unsaturated fatty ac
During evolution process, bees have formulated special mechanisms of protection from environmental factors. One of these mechanism is their outer shell – a chitin layer of the cuticle. Cuticle contains various components, one of them is chitin.
Composition: Low-molecular Chitosan, Siberian fir-tree cone’s CO2 extract.Fir-tree cone contains natural complex of vitamins, high amount of pro - vitamins, essential oils (48%), microelements and stearin. Chitosan is having human tissue-like g