Dragees of bee products compositions Dragees are the exclusive products of Tentorium. The healthy and useful content is perfectly combined in dragee and its qualities are kept safe. They include: honey, propolis, bee pollen or beebread, beeswax, sug
Dragee - Tentorium plus Composition: bee pollen, propolis, beeswax. Tentorium plus is perfect multivitamin complex that includes vitamins of B group A, E, K and C vitamins, amino acids, ferments, and necessary microelements of human body.
Dragee - Khlebina Composition: beebread, natural honey, beeswax. Beebread - is a natural bee product that is derived from lactic fermentation of bee pollen in honeycomb. Beebread is reach with glucose and fructose, amino acids, A, E and B group of
Dragee - Formula RA Composition: bee pollen, extract of wax moths, propolis, beeswax. Dragee Formula RA is an effective combination of bee products and extract of honeycomb wax moths. Wax moth extract has unique abilities to increase restorative pr
Dragee - Drone homogenate (drone milk) Composition: drone (a male honey bee) homogenate. Drone homogenate (drone milk) is a precious bioactive product. It includes: proteins, vitamins, ferments, microelements (calcium, magnesium, iron and etc.) and
“Golden production” -  Dragees with Isomalt Tentorium “Golden production” is a composition of traditional apiphytoproducts  and innovative carbohydrate – isomalt.
“Golden production” – Formula RA Composition: Bee pollen, Isomalt, beeswax moths extract, propolis, beeswax. Beeswax moths extract contains ferments which can destroy the waxy coating of pathogenic bacteria. Also, includes semi &n
“Golden production” – Apiformula  - 3 Composition:  Isomalt, bee pollen, natural honey, propolis, phyto – component (elecampane roots, St. John’s wort, sage leafs, extracts of dill, dandelion and liquorice (sw
Dragee - Propolit Composition: Propolis, concentrated extract of propolis.   Native propolis in Dragee is rich of iron, calcium and mineral substances which maintain their useful properties only into solid fracture of propolis. Innovative tech
Dragee – Tentorium “Bee- active” Composition: Cedar cone fruit, royal jelly, isomalt, natural honey, beeswax. Dragee – Tentorium “Bee active” is an energetic mixture that contains two strong bio - stimulators: Ce
Dragees composed of Apiphytoproducts are natural mix of bee products and medical herbs extracts. Due to this combination we got special products which have intended effect to each organ system of human body.    Components of these combined dragees h
Composition: natural honey, bee pollen, propolis, natural herbal extracts (birch tree leaves, elfwort’s roots, marshmallow roofs, sweet-root, wasp and thyme), beeswax. This compound of medical herbs and bee products restore upper respiratory t
Composition: Natural honey, bee pollen, propolis, natural extracts (oak’s rind, eglantine, calendula’s flowers, wasp, eucalyptus, thyme), beeswax. Eucalyptus, oak’s rind, calendula, honey and propolis are remedies that can solve any
Composition: Propolis concentrated extract, phytocomponents (extracts of birch tree “chaga” and wasp), honey, wheat and rye seed’s cells, fermented germs, beeswax. The unique effectiveness of this dragee is provided by the combinati
Bee pollen, spirulina, prolopis, natural honey. Composition of this product is completely unique as it contains spirulina and bee products. Bee pollen is used as formatting nucleus that is covered by microsphere layer of Spirulina platensis. Spirulin