Honey – an amazing product, precious gift from nature is full of healthy and useful substances. It’s rich with amino acids, ferments, vitamins, mineral substances, carbohydrates, essential oils and lipids. Honey gives h
Propolis (bee adhesive) – is a product made by bees after collecting and re - producing tar – like substances from various trees’ and bushes’ buds. These herbs produce special tar – like substance to save their buds from
During evolution process plants that needed pollination started to produce more and more tasty and substantial pollen to attract insects. Most of plants’ pollen are very high nourishment substances.  Bee pollen – is plant pollen that
Beebread is bee pollen that is fermented by bees in bee combs. The secret process of beebread forming was evaluated during billions of years. Beekeepers didn’t take out beebread from combs, as usual. Tentorium let know the world about beebread
Royal Jelly – glands’ secret of worker – nanny bees mainly is used to feed queen bee. Queen bee is taking only royal jelly during her lifetime and lives 5 – 7 years, while worker bees live only 40 – 45 days!   Roya
   Apitoxin is excreted by special glands of queen and worker bees. It’s used by bee for self-protection. Apitoxin is a transparent,  viscous liquid with bitter taste and keen smell, that sometimes smell like honey.   Chemi
Beeswax has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity. Creams, medical candles and plasters are made containing beeswax.  Bees have to eat 4 kg honey to produce 1 kg beeswax.    Beeswax can maintain properties during centuries. Accor
      Drone homogenate is the same male bee’s milk.  The only function of male bee in bee family is - fertilization, therefore there is strong mammal energy in him. They have special nutritional ration, so their milk&r
Beeswax moth is a small invisible gray color moth that depends on bee family. Like other moths, beeswax moth is also parasite, his chrysalis eat honey and beeswax.    It’s difficult to find substance in nature that can dissociate and
    Tentorium has announced new product – Apisan (with cooperating to Moscow Academy of natural sciences ) at Apimondia 2001 (the federation of beekeepers’ associations) international congress in South Africa Republic.  &