Composition: green tea, extracts of ginger, dandelion, milfoil, birch tree, red huckleberry leaves and eglantine. Slim tea “Api Elite” is Tentorium product produced with unique technologies which contains green tea catechins and herbal ex
Composition: rice, pectin, innulin, chitosan. This is new wellness product – gluten free Api Tsampa which is created by Tentorium with traditional recipe. Rice is rich with compound carbohydrates which provide energy to muscles of body. Chitosa
Composition: Corn, pectin, innulin, chitosan. Api Tsampa is a new wellness gluten free product, which is created in Tentorium according to traditional recipe. Corn is rich with useful substances. Corn sun touched granules have very positive impact on
Composition: buckwheat, pectin, innulin, chitosan. This is gluten free Api Tsampa produced according to traditional recipe. Buckwheat is rich with proteins, cellulose and useful carbohydrates.
Composition: glucose, propolis extract, pectin, starch, vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Propolis C is a concentrated complex of natural flavonoids derived from propolis. 1 tea spoon of Propolis C contains flavonoids in amount of 40% daily dose. Flavonoids
“SPA” - “Sanus Per Aqua” (Latin) means “health with water”. Tentoiurm line API SPA is the best possibility for health. It is the combination of completely natural products like mineral waters, bee products and mine
Composition: peloid (therapeutic mud), apitoxin. Therapeutic mud – Osinov Lake peloid was formed during 700 years at the bottom of Osinov Lake. It’s rich with minerals, micro elements and biologically active substances. In our product it&
Composition: barley, bee pollen. Inhabitants of Tibet and Himalayan region maintain their health and vital energy until the very old age by eating “Tsampa” daily. Tsampa is a dish which is prepared with roughly grinded roasted barley, hon
Composition: beeswax, Siberian fir-tree extract, propolis. Tentorium hygiene ear candles are natural, traditional and well-experienced remedies to maintain ear helix health. Ear candles give you possibility to clean your ear carefully and remove sulf
Composition: beeswax. “Candella” is a Latin word and means – power of light. This candle is produced with natural beeswax. It has a wonderful scent which will improve your general feelings and will gift you cheerful mood. Price: 45