Dentists often warn us that most of the time oral cavity disorders are the main cause of inflammatory diseases into organism. Tentorium oral cavity care line contains four main products. This “wonderful quadruplet” is made of natural bee
Active components: Propolis and wasp extracts. Oral cavity rinse contains propolis and wasp (Hyperikum) which are natural products and they have powerful anti bacterial activity. Wasp contains such a seldom microelement as molybdenum. Molybdenum
Active components: Propolis extract, bee pollen extract. Toothe paste “Apident” formula is created according to the most useful cleaning compounds and its composition is almost similar to tooth enamel. Apident provides complete and careful cleans
Active components: Propolis extract, apitoxin, chitosan, herbal extracts (Siberian fir-tree, chamomile, marigold, milfoil and sage). Description: • It has anti inflammatory activity and improves blood supply of gums. •
Composition: beeswax, beeswax with propolis, propolis. “Zabrus - Vosk” is an irreplaceable remedy to protect and strengthen your teeth and gums. It doesn’t contain sugar and has wonderful taste. Beeswax has cleaning, strengthening and anti bacteria