Kids’ soft skin requires special care and protection therefore Tentorium has produced cosmetic line especially for kids. Kids’ shampoo, kids’ cream and tooth paste will provide comfort for your baby, and self-confidence to parents a
Active components: propolis extract, thorn and chamomile extracts, D-panthenol (pro vitamin B5)Kids’ skin is very soft and sensitive. It’s much more thin compared to adult skin so it requires special care and protection. Tentorium kids&rs
Active components: honey, propolis extract, chamomile extract.Kids’ hairs and cranial skin is very soft and absorbs water-soluble substances easily. Therefore it’s important to choose correct and safe products from kids’ lines.Tento
Active components: propolis extract, thorn essential oil, sage and marigold extracts, calcium complex. Propolis extract denies bacteria growth in oral cavity and protects gums from inflammatory diseases. Sage and marigold extracts co