Tentorium cosmetics containing natural bee products and medical herbs provide complete care of facial skin. Any product from Tentorium cosmetics line has powerful potential and can do wanders to skin! Cosmetic line includes various products for compl
Active components: vitamin complex, honey, bee pollen, garden strawberry extract, Shea butter, almond and wheat germ essential oils. Honey, bee pollen and garden strawberry extracts calm and smooth facial skin, and help to maintain natural hydro-bala
Composition: Hyaluronic acid, propolis and honey extracts, Shea butter and macadamia essential oil, green tea extract, panthenol, water-soluble chitosan. Propolis and honey extracts provide perfect hydration of skin, relieve irritation and activate s
Active components: honey, bee pollen extract, wheat germ essential oil, natural extracts of sunflower, white rose and chamomile. This cream is advised for night facial skin care when skin is in renewing process. Bee pollen and natural honey has inten
Active components: diatomite, propolis extract, natural propolis micro particles, shea butter. The base of this cream is propolis micro particles and diatomite (water-plants microscopic products). They absorb dirt from skin like a sponge and also rem
Active components: honey, propolis extract, kaolin (white clay), shea butter. Optimal combination of natural honey and kaolin creates perfect remedy for problematic skin. It cleans deeply, hydrates and enriches skin with vitamins and mineral substanc
Active components: propolis extract, honet, wheat hydrolyzed proteins, lactic acid. This aerial foam is the best solution to remove make up. It cleans and hydrates facial skin without any fatty sign. Propolis extract calms irritated skin as it has an
Active components: extracts of propolis, honey, lemon, apple, grapefruit and garden strawberry. Tonic with propolis hydrates, tones and enriches the skin with vitamins. It makes skin ready to apply cream. Propolis and honey extracts calm irritation o
Active components: honey, extracts of rose and hibiscus, complex of sebum - regulating acids. This cleansing tonic is produced specially for problematic skin. It’s recommended for oily and combined facial skin prone to acne. Tonic completely cl
Composition: D – panthenol, shea butter, extracts of honey, oatmeal and milk, orchid extract. Cleansing milk softly removes make up and cleans the skin. Soft structure of milk doesn’t leave oil signs on skin. Honey extract and shea butter
Active components: honey, bee pollen, extracts of oatmeal and milk, macadamia essential oil. It’s the best remedy to take care of soft and sensitive skin around eyes. It has 2 phases combined: water and oil. This combination allows us to remove
Active components: royal jelly, wheat proteins, extracts of cucumber, white pea and horse – chestnut. Cream for eyelids is created specially for sensitive skin around eyes. It contains natural components which have strong regenerating effects.
Active components: propolis extract, beeswax with propolis, beeswax moths’ extract, vitamins A and E, shea butter.   This balm will help you to take a good care of your lips. It used regularly balm will make your labial skin soft, moist
Alginate facial masks belong to ANTI – AGE cosmetic line for mature skin. This composition provides skin express – care at home.   Alginate mask can be very useful for mature skin. It can improve skin tonus and elasticity, straight
Tentorium scientists have created special line for men (with sensitive skin) according to many years of experience. Combination of bee products and phyto - components is the best for sensitive facial skin’s complete care during shaving and aft