Creams and Ointments made with natural ingredients are very popular nowadays. Tentorium creams contain only useful natural components that clean, nourish and hydrate the skin. The base components of Tentorium creams and ointments are propolis e
Composition:  apitoxin, beeswax, propolis extract, horse-radish extract. Cream “Tentorium” – is one of the most multiform used product. It’s especially effective for professional massage procedures. It contains spec
Composition: bee pollen, natural honey, beeswax, propolis extract, pine-tree tar. The most unbearable, unpleasant and torturing is pain and inflammation of delicate parts of our body. Any kind of non adequate moving causes torturing pain, it&rs
Composition: beeswax, propolis extract, natural honey, pine-tree tar.Tentorium scientists have created an amazing cream with regenerating and restoring abilities by mix of pine-tree, celandine and bee products. Cream Chilidonia has a history of centu
Composition: bee pollen, natural honey, propolis extract, bees’ tincture (contains micro doses of apitoxin), beeswax, pine-tree tar, horse-radish extract.   Pine-tree tar has strong bactericidal activity and can kill various kinds of
Composition: bee pollen, natural honey, bees’ tincture (containing apitoxin micro doses), beeswax, propolis extract. Humans were tortured by severe headaches from ancient times. Migraine was announced as independent nosology of diseases o
Composition: beeswax, propolis extract, eucalypt essential oil, mint essential oil, clove essential oil.Action of cream “Rhino Factor” is based on reflex stimulation of nasal mucous layer. It decreases mucous production, swelling of