1988 year

Mr. Rail Khismatullin founded and headed bee products cooperative which was working and cooperating to the scientific research laboratories of medical institutes.


1989 year

Naila Khismatullina, Neurologist, has learned acupuncture and traditional Chinese  medicine from Chinese reflexology therapist Van Cheng Tim.


1990 year

Bee products cooperative has been established as small scientific – trade center – Api center “Tentorium”. The main purpose of company was development of Api therapy, treatment and recovery of patients by using Api therapeutic methods, also, producing only natural nourishing compounds. By beginning of 90ies, family of Khismatullin already had gathered big collection of medical treatment and recovery compounds based on bee products. The same year, the first Api Therapy (Api toxic therapy) cabinet was opened in policlinics of Perm.


1991 year

Rail Khismatullin has become the member of Soviet Union scientific – coordination council of beekeepers’ and Api therapy of Central  committee of Science and technologies.


1992 year


Company has begun production of nourishing dragees.


1993 year

During international conference “Bee and Human - 1993”, based on State pharmaceutical institute, Rail Khismatullin headed the organizational committee.


1995 year

Api centre Tentorium took part in International Federation of beekeepers’ associations - Apimondia congress. (Losana, Switzerland). After this biggest experience and knowledge, Company production was taken to new level.


1996 year

Api Center Tentorium has been moderated to LTD. Tentorium. It was headed by General Director Rail Khismatullin. The company started producing all bee products.


1997 year

Was founded Ecology monitoring laboratory for unique research and quality control of natural products. Nowadays this is research and certificate independent laboratory “Federal”.


1998 year

At the international ecology conference, The company has been awarded with 1st grade diploma for producing the nourishing dragee “ Api Spira”. also, the same year were published  new programs: “Cleanse of GI tract”, “ Tonic and Anti Stress program”, “Wellness complete program”.


1999 year

The biggest international recognition medal was gained by Tentorium at Beekeepers’ international associations’ congress APIMONDIA in Vancouver, Canada.

New products of Tentorium were released: “Khlebna”, “Sorbus”, “Api Spira”, creams: “Rino Factor” and “Api Bust”.


2000 year

Tentorium was named as Laureate of international exhibition “Intermed”.


2001 year

Tentorium was awarded with medals after Vavilov and Kapitz from Academy of natural sciences of Russia for proving scientific research idea about “DNA – reductase nucleases”.

One more recognition at Apimondia 2001 in South Africa Republic, Company gained 4 medals and first place at world exhibition “Api expo 2001”.


2002 year

Production of new bee products: Chitin and Chitosan. On their base was established new unique product “Api Hit” .

Health resort “Api - Spa” was founded as multipurpose Api Therapy center based on high standards. nowadays “Api - Spa” is an unique center of wellness where about 40 different procedures are made with mineral waters, medical muds and Api Therapy products.


2003 year

Tentorium was awarded with golden medal at XXXVII international congress of Apimondia. (Ljubljana, Slovenia).


2004 year

From Production Development Association Tentorium was awarded with gold medal for dynamic development progress and high quality service.

Naila Khismatullina gained gold medal after E. Dashkova from Academy of Natural Sciences of Russia.

New products has been announced: Tooth paste “Apident”, Dragee “Cherema”, nails and cuticles creams.

To exam and testify  Tentorium products first Expeditions were performed in extreme conditions.



2005 year

Tentorium was awarded with international recognition “European standard” in Burn, Switzerland. “European Standard” – is the definer of product quality of Tentorium and proof of similarity to European standards.

Tentorium has taken high social responsibility and for this Company was awarded premium from European Institute of Integration.

Tentorium president and general director – Rail Khismatullin was awarded with golden “Napoleon medal” by International Association of Production development.

“Api Expo 2005” was gained at World Exhibition by Tentorium.

At 39th international congress of Apimondia Tentorium gained gold medal as nominee of “Unique products collection based on Bee Products”.

Was published A book “Api Therapy” by Rail Khismatulyn.


2006 year

General director Rail Khismatullin was awarded with 2d grade order for “Great Merit for motherland”.

Official representation of Tentorium was opened in Germany.


2007 year

5 medals at Apimondia – 40th international beekeepers’ associations congress. (Melbourne, Australia).


2008 year

Tentorium sent official request to United Nations Organization and UNESCO to name 14th of September as international day to save bee. Also, suggested  that this would help to save bees as biological variety all around the world. UN and UNESCO approved this request. Tentorium celebrates this date every year with slogan “Save bee – Keep the Planet”.

This year was produced new production line: “”Golden line (with Isomalt)” and Kid’s line products.


2009 year

World save bee fund was founded (WSBF e.V).


2010 year

President Rail Khismatullin was named as “Person of the year 2009” in nomination for “Contribution for providing wellness to Nation”.


2011 year

Tentorium representations were opened in Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Serbia, Macedonia, Poland, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kirgizstan, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Estonia and Lithuania.

The building of the biggest Bee products company in the world – Api Enterprise was started.

General director and founder Rail Khismatulyn was invited as member of Propolis research international committee of Apimondia. This invitation  is one more international recognition of Tentorium world Authority.


2012 year

Api Enterpise – ultra modern, high technology Api company was opened in 14th of september. This is the biggest factory in the world that produces bee products. Especially for Api Enterprise,  German company “Ruland Engineering and Consulting” created unique and exclusive installations that is completely according to “HACCP” standards.

Tontorium is cooperating with: Alimentary Scientific - research Institute of Academy of Medical sciences in Russia, Academy of science of Russia, Bioengineering center of Russia, Ribnoye Academy of bee keepers’, Academy of diversified farming, Api Therapy branch of Riyazan medical institute, Institute of Beauty of Moscow.

Tentorium is taking part to implement safe supplement system to maintain and improve wellness in professional sportsmen.